2021.10.25 07:07 brigipsy Assistant

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2021.10.25 07:07 oscarsmilde YSK: Simethicone is your friend if you have heartburn

Why YSK: simethicone (Gas-X) reduces symptoms of acid reflux
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2021.10.25 07:07 SRFBot Fröhliche Gesichter und Warteschlangen zum Start der Herbstmesse

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2021.10.25 07:07 Sander-Mander Dual Wield Parrying Reimplemtation Not Working

Hey I've tried multiple dual wield block mods with bindable keys and non of them seem to be working. They don't show up in the skyUI mod options and doesn't say that they even install when I launch the game. Ive installed it through Vortex, run FNIS and its at the bottom of the load order. I don't know what else to do.
The Current one I would like to get working is Dual Wield Parrying Reimplemtation.
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2021.10.25 07:07 SRFBot «Durch so einen Vorfall wurde ein schönes Wochenende zerstört»

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2021.10.25 07:07 ThenamesDaltonn Just got temp banned on rguns, is this going to happen here for this question too? Lol

was seeing if someone found a brand for a specific light combo because I'm having a hard time finding it
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2021.10.25 07:07 KTitania Breakwaters : Early Access Launch Nov. 11th

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2021.10.25 07:07 Guitarfact109 Selena’s Swimwear Evolution 2011-2021

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2021.10.25 07:07 jvalente80 Just say no

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2021.10.25 07:07 JackFisherBooks Modern Joker by Elanor Draws on Deviant Art

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2021.10.25 07:07 SRFBot Versuchte Erpressung gegen Alain Berset hat politisches Nachspiel

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2021.10.25 07:07 sssinc Getting notifications for comments on my post but can’t see them

This is happened to me for YEARS on reddit, I’m finally asking now because it pissed me off.
I have 5 comments on my last post and I can only see 2 of them. When I click on the notification is just shows nothing under my post. When I sort by new nothing, refresh nothing, close app nothing.
YEARS this has been happening, it’s so annoying. There’s no possible way the user deleted their comment, I clicked on it the exact moment it showed up for 3 separate comments.
I checked one of the users that commented, by their profile and it shows their comment on my post but when i click on it it’s just empty !!! wtf reddit??
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2021.10.25 07:07 No_Order9023 The best roast ever of our ajeet bharti ji bro

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2021.10.25 07:07 Casperthephantom Airbnb istanbul

Selam arkadaşlar, istanbul’da hangi guzel semtte bir airbnb alabilirim ? cingene ve suriye falan olmasin, akşam dışarı çıkabileceğim yer
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2021.10.25 07:07 Lunchboxx7791 JPOG vs JWE

I'm seeing comments that the improvements we've got in JWE2, we should've had in JWE to start with. A lot of them were in JPOG which is a 20 year old game.
I would ask people to keep one thing in mind - JPOG took 22 months to develop (and that was 20 years ago!) whereas JWE started development in 2016 (I can't find what month) and was released June 2018, at the most, that's 28 months, but I remember someone on here saying that it was closer to 18 months development time. Even so 28 months is not a long time develop a fully realised game in this day and age. 4 years or more for most AAA titles, from what I understand, is the norm.
Yes, I think that JWE2 is what Frontier would've wanted to have originally released but couldn't due to dev time constraints because it was tied to Fallen Kingdoms release date.
JWE was rushed but I don't blame Frontier, I blame Universal. Maybe cut Frontier a bit slack yeh?
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2021.10.25 07:07 NOG11 Obscure Researchs, me, linocut print, 2021

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2021.10.25 07:07 Duke-BMLin 🎉Bmlin's surprises never stop.2️⃣5️⃣% OFF❗❗❗[A7 Batch]Top Quality Ultra Boost Cost Only $29 Now🌈24 colors available.

🎉Bmlin's surprises never stop.2️⃣5️⃣% OFF❗❗❗[A7 Batch]Top Quality Ultra Boost Cost Only $29 Now🌈24 colors available. submitted by Duke-BMLin to SneakerWatch [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 07:07 Kansaqe Drone flying-pastime of the Badlands kid - Cyberpunk 2077

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2021.10.25 07:07 qwenmn $2.2 MILLION WORTH OF VAPE SEIZED BY HSA warehouse The Health Sciences Author...

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2021.10.25 07:07 Sara__riggy all people who are at my age are graduated or have job but me...

i am 23 now.
i started going to school a year later than others. i was a good student all my school time except for last year of high School.
after high school i wasted 1 year to study medical entrance exam which i couldn't success!
then i entered a real bad university and studied computer engineering for 3 semesters.
then quit that. 1 year after that i applied for a better university the same major!
now i'm 23 first year of computer engineering.
I feel my life is a total shame :'(
i am a perfectionist and loser at the same time and it is really hurting me.
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2021.10.25 07:07 juneeri When do we gain the most weight?

Over 23 weeks of pregnancy I’ve put on about 5-6 kilos, I’m not particularly big around the belly but I’d say my weight gain has been belly, boobs and hip area. I feel like this is excessive given that I don’t eat poorly and I exercise when I can. Has anyone else put this amount on? Does it seem like a normal amount or excessive? I know bub grows most in the third trimester but I heard most weight gain is in the second. Should I be putting on more? I dunno what’s right at this point. 🤔
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2021.10.25 07:07 TheStonedCat420 Moving Out with different future-plans? Need advice!

Hey guys, let me start with a little bit of background information:
Me (20M) and my girlfriend (21F) are together for almost 4 years now. We both live in our parents house atm. We see each other around 4 times a week. She already got a normally paid job and I‘m still in a "apprenticeship" (You normally do this for about 3 years before you really start working in Germany), which pays me around 900$ a month. This apprenticeship will end in about 6 months. We‘re planning on moving out for a while now, but I feel insecure..
The reason of that is because my dream always was to travel around and maybe move to a different country as soon as I got the money. I‘ve already traveled a lot in my life, so I’m used to it. I want to live free as long as I‘m young and don‘t want to end up in a boring life like any other grown-up around me. But she’s more like a family type of person. She needs to stay nearby her mum and don’t plan on moving anywhere else EVER.. (That’s what she says now at least). Her Mom thinks the same way and that makes her feelings even worse. Besides that she’s pretty direct with all her plans: first living in a nice flat, then a marriage, then a baby and after that a house. In the best case under a mile away from her mother, so that she can visit us everyday.. Something I would‘nt really enjoy in the future tbh. I don’t like that when I’m moving together with her, my life is already that planned and ruled. I‘m also scared that I cannot please this needs when we’re living together. On the other side it could also be very nice and this is the dream of many persons in a relationship. Maybe I should appreciate this more?
I really don’t know what to do.. I want to stay with her, but not in the way she forces. She always says that it seems like I don’t want to move together with her, because I don’t browse the web 24/7 to look after real estate or don’t really talk to my mom about this topic, so she is already aware that I‘ll move soon. I do know that I seem a bit unsecure but that’s mainly because I think I have to give up all my dreams for her intention. I already told her that I feel forced from her future plans and she told me to step back a bit and "let things happen". But as soon as I ain’t got time for her, last evening for example, the same story continues..
We‘re arguing more and more about our future lives. She already told me that she would move on if I wasn’t ready to take this step with her because "she knows what she wants and can’t understand that I’m not 100% thinking the same". She likes having everything exactly planned but I think you simply cannot do this with your life, because you never know what happens tomorrow. I would at least give it a try and see what the future holds for us, but it seems like she wouldn’t like to invest more time in our relationship if I can’t accept these things. I often told her that my views could also change, but she believes that I‘ll never change my view in this direction. The problem is that I don’t know that either..
On the other side I definitely can image living together with her. She’s a very beautiful woman with many positive things that I -obviously- like about her. I would also say that we would be a nice team together. We‘ve already spent some weeks alone together and it always turned out very good. We both know what to do for a alone living and also how to act financially (splitting up bills, monthly costs, insurance etc.).
Maybe some of you were in a similar situation already and can help me out. Thanks for every comment, I appreciate your help!
TLDR: My girlfriend is mad at me because I have different future plans and can’t guarantee to live the happy family life with her. Should we still move together and see what the future brings or should we accept that our relationship don’t has a future?
Sorry for spelling mistakes, as you can tell I‘m not a native English speaker..
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2021.10.25 07:07 5igorsk Кубанский нейминг

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2021.10.25 07:07 PrintingGoesEverOn You can create as large a formation as you need, using the Modular Mini Customizer with the current Vikings bundle! Joining this month grants you unlimited and eternal access. You can export the pre-supported bits that make up your configuration, or the merged miniature!

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2021.10.25 07:07 ManicScottishTinker Leica m3 rewind issue

Hi everyone,
So a month ago I finished shooting a roll and in the middle of rewinding it the knob went completely slack and stopped pulling the film back into the canister. Later when I opened the camera in a dark bag I found that the film had only been rewound half way. I put a test roll into the camera to see if it would happen again and it did the same thing half way through the test roll.
Does anybody have an idea of what may have caused this or if there is a fix?
When I bought the camera back in 2017 I had an issue from the get go where the film would never come free from the take up spool when rewinding. Not sure if this was the start of the problem, something completely different.
If anyone has any info on what has gone wrong I would really appreciate it.
Cheers everyone!
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