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Breastfeeding My Boyfriend Monday, Channel 4, 10pm

2021.10.25 06:22 blues2021akl Breastfeeding My Boyfriend Monday, Channel 4, 10pm

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend Monday, Channel 4, 10pm
Could anyone get this tonight. Thanks
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2021.10.25 06:22 alyssa_sch Favourite TV show to watch stoned?

I need some more shows to watch while high, my all time favourite is Rick and Morty.
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2021.10.25 06:22 nuyoah60 Is Yadea group debt sustainable?

Yadea group is an investment holding company that researches, develops, manufactures, distributes, and sells electric two-wheeled vehicles mainly in China.
The current total debt is CNY 14,5 billion, in which CNY 12,1 billion to consider as accounts payable. An Account payable is a short-term debt payment that needs to be paid to avoid default and is generally associated with purchases of goods or services without paying in cash upfront, which means buying on credit. The account payable is almost 86 % of the total debt, consequently this company over the next 12 months will face most of its debt.
Facing this huge debt in the next 12 months, anyway, it’s not a big problem for this company. According to the latest balance sheet, the total current assets are CNY 14,6 billion, of which CNY 9,5 billion of cash and short-term investments. Considering only the current liquidity itself, the company has no problem repaying its debt in the next 12 months. In addition, the company has generated 2,5 billion in operating cash flow in the middle of the year and earns more interest than it pays, so coverage of interest payments is not a concern.
The current Debt/Equity ratio is just 6.7% and the long-term debt CNY 48 million, not a problem at all.
If we even consider the retained earnings, the situation looks even better. Retained earnings are the earnings of the company which are retained (reinvested) in the business, and currently, this figure in the balance sheet is CNY 4 billion. The company is doing a great job to increase this value year over year despite the dividend issued and the several investments made. Finally, this company has never had dilution problems, another positive sign.
Overall, Yadea group has strong financials, the only problem is its high share price. With a current P/E of 27x, might be a wise choice to wait for a drop before considering an investment.
read more
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2021.10.25 06:22 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - PM Modi launches Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission | The Hindu

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2021.10.25 06:22 truthwatcher_ The galaxy and the ground within (Becky chambers). What am I missing?

Unpopular opinion (apparently): I found the fourth book the worst of the series. While I thoroughly enjoyed books 1-3 and would always recommend them to others, I just couldn't get into the galaxy and the ground within. I'll working because I noticed that the book is generally reviewed as one of the best is not the best book of the series.
Warning possible spoilers ahead
Where is the story? Some aliens are stranded in a hotel/pit stop on an alien planet. And that's basically it. The only real story are the interactions of the aliens between each other where they learn about each others differences or similarities. While it might be interesting to flesh out some alien races, it feels like I'm just watching a group therapy session without any real goal. I did like though that pei is part of the group who got briefly introduced in an earlier book and of course, the aliens themselves feel like unique individuals. I just would've much preferred if there was a story to support the character development.
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2021.10.25 06:22 khaingo I was in a 1v1 Duel and I think people liked how i play

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2021.10.25 06:22 TheDarkestFoxes A unessary theory

When William Afton got into the spring bonnie suit, did the spring lock automatically activate or a little water drop ended the dude's whole career
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2021.10.25 06:22 Jumbled_Instruction_ [H] Learn the method sellers use - Guide Written By Professional Account Seller On How To Do It Yourself - Learn How To Get Basically Any Account For Free. (Food, No RdVPN, Crunchyroll, ETC) + Exactly How To Make $. Vouches and personal earnings inside [W] 16.99 USD

See info, vouches, my personal earnings and purchase at my site below! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions before or after purchase!
click here to go to my site, or use the link below
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2021.10.25 06:22 MediaTrafficOrg Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife Mackenzie Scott donates 1.7 Billion to HBCU’s, 2.7 Billion to Charities and Covid Relief

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2021.10.25 06:22 ASICmachine My experience so far (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

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2021.10.25 06:22 miscakarza The November Contest

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2021.10.25 06:22 mushroom_syrup Hey guys I have a question I really need help answering

So if you’re omnisexual, can physical attraction be partially what attracts you to all/certain genders. Because I’m attracted to all genders, but I find part of the reason is physical attraction? But it’s only like slightly, because personality over weighs it for me, obviously so yeah. I need help!
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2021.10.25 06:22 oko212 Question

ide vám ludia discord? mne neukazije dušanov server na ds ani cez iný učet je vypadok alebo čo ?
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2021.10.25 06:22 _whyarewescreaming Streak 1: Die Erste Try

Also, Ich wollte so lange mit dem Schreiben anfangen, aber ich kenne dass ich nicht so gut schreiben kann. Ich verstehe, dass ich Fehlern machen muss, zu mein selbst verbessern. Ich sage das jetzt, I wollte zu versuchen, obwohl es peinlich und schwere wird.
Danke für Ihre Verstandnis
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2021.10.25 06:22 ASICmachine Successfully diversified (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

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2021.10.25 06:22 Old_Industry_7590 INFO1110 A2

Is anyone doing INFO1110 this semester. I’ve heard it has one of the highest failure rates in the uni. This sem’s assignment 2 seems disproportionately difficulty in comparison to the tutorials. Any tips on implementing the space-object class in particular the move-forward parameter would be appreciated.
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2021.10.25 06:22 disfeelings Good choice

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2021.10.25 06:22 ChristopherIngram9 [Amazon] Faridabio Silverware Organizer Storage Tray {Expires 31/10} [Coupon: DPO7TXTQ] (35%off)- $13.99

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2021.10.25 06:22 Dzeko46 Correct me if I am wrong? You need like 240-250 wins in H2H if you want to claim 106 event icon. This is considering you have enabled double bonus and have 4 scream team 6 fall festival and 2 icon players.

Are we going to get this much of energy and 240 wins with current worst possible matchmaking in VSA and absolute state of H2H.
What you guys are targeting?
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2021.10.25 06:22 FranHET Raid Darkrai on me add 4943 0427 9957 & 3520 9211 4609

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2021.10.25 06:22 praha_the_botv 日冨🐎 @1103amazk 「おとこ」ってずるいなぁ。 ⚠︎テイ→トレ♀の百合表現あり ⚠︎血表現あり

日冨🐎 @1103amazk 「おとこ」ってずるいなぁ。 ⚠︎テイ→トレ♀の百合表現あり ⚠︎血表現あり submitted by praha_the_botv to yuri_jp [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 06:22 __Christie__ The Ultimate UK and US rap/rnb playlist to get lit and chill to. Updated Weekly with new releases.

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2021.10.25 06:22 Belisar002 What's your BM class like?

I mostly find the content easy to understand but our teacher talks a lot and uses slideshows frequently to go through content which can be dull.
We also go through case studies, practice the AO4 skills, and they talk frequently about exams.
Are your classes similar to this? If not, how are they different?
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2021.10.25 06:22 Tall-Marketing-5561 😂😂😂

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2021.10.25 06:22 Uh_pneleope 1000x | Mailman to Messiah V2 | Mooning in a few days!

Mailman To Messiah V2 -- Launching 10/26/21 at 9PM Eastern time!!!
👉 Join the Telegram - https://t.me/MailmanToMessiah 👈
Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2830548/mailman-to-messiah-v2-launch
Mailman to the MOON!!! Mailman to Messiah ($MMM) v2 has unlimited potential. Community growing slowly and we are going to make a big boom on launch day. Don't forget to join and be ready as price is going to sky rocket fast.
This is version two of our coin. The first one was launched in June of this year and was a huge success. We hit over 350x on it and had Messiah supporting our coin. He loved the idea we had and tweeted us out multiple times. We are in DM's with him again to get some more promotions from him.
Why $MMM? We based this coin on the Crypto Messiah himself. The Crypto Messiah started his adult career as a mailman and now he's a Crypto GENIUS. The goal of this coin is to honor his name for all he has done for this community and try to get him some more followers. He is the true Messiah of the crypto world. We are hoping to gain support from the Messiah himself to help launch our coin into outer space. We are planning on donating to different GoFundMe pages that are dedicated to mail deliverers who need help. Join our telegram to interact with our community and show the Messiah how much you appreciate him.
This is a FAIR LAUNCH so there will be NO pre-sales. We have a very open team and do not want anyone to have doubts about investing into this coin. If you have any questions, we encourage you to join the telegram and ask.
We will be hosting give aways from out twitter account (@MailToMessiah) and are planning to have another once our telegram hits 150 members. Make sure to join!
Total Supply : 100,000,000,000,000 Tokens
12% rewards in DOGE
Liquidity Locked : 95,000,000,000,000,000
Marketing Wallet : 5%
Rebase Feature!
Telegram: https://t.me/MailmanToMessiah
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MailtoMessiah
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