Oh hell no

2021.10.25 06:28 Star_emily4 Oh hell no

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2021.10.25 06:28 GrrRooRoo I got to dog sit my friend's C130 for a night.

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2021.10.25 06:28 Kamelryttare Streak 8: Dankbarkeit

Hallo! Jetzt fange ich meine zweite Schreibwoche an und nunmehr fühlt es sich normaler an, einen Text jeden Tag zu schreiben. Ich muss auch die Leute danken, die meine Texte korrigiert haben, es ist voll nett von euch, dass ihr das gemacht haben! Heute denke ich ein bisschen nach, wie schwierig es ist, eine neue Sprache zu lernen. Ich habe zum Beispiel viel mehr Zeit auf Lesen und Hören verwenden und deshalb kann ich viel verstehen, aber ich kann leider die Sprache auf das gleiche Niveau nicht produzieren und ganz ehrlich nervt das mich ein bisschen. Wenn ich etwas verstehen kann, dann will ich selbstverständlich auch die Frage antworten, aber plötzlich habe ich fast die ganze Sprache vergessen. Damit habe ich gelernt, dass ich sogar das Schreiben und Sprechen mehr üben muss, und deswegen freut es mich sehr, dass ich hier mein Schreiben üben kann!
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2021.10.25 06:28 Cycle-Future Meaning of the intercept when the sample data has a strictly positive interval (regression)

You have a sample where the explanatory variable X consists of an age interval, with a lower bound a (and upper bound b), and with a>0. Then, when the dependent variable Y reaches the value of intercept at X=0, is this then the also value of Y for the lower bound of the interval?
Or is X=0 instead outside the interval, which implies if you want to know the value of Y at a, you need to multiply a with the coefficient for the slope and add it to the value for the intercept?
At first I thought the first of these 2 options was the case, but I'm starting to think it's the second. It'd be necessary to first transform the dependent variable by substracting all values of X by a in order for X=0 to be lower bound of in the interval.
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2021.10.25 06:28 AnnaGorlos Multi-Functional Transparent Nano Casual Paste Wide range of applications, double sided and conform to various surfaces Washable and reusable Nano PU gel washes under water to restore viscosity Simply pull and remove without leaving traces! Waterproof and high temperature resistant for cars,

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2021.10.25 06:28 spikilol My attempt to rebuild Lego City set 60108

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2021.10.25 06:28 xaloperez Am I good enough? [1 year left to defend my Thesis]

Dear labrats colleagues, I am starting the last year of my PhD fellowship and I am planning to defend my Thesis before next summer. Everyone in my lab thinks that I've done a really nice job during my PhD and that it would be easy for me to find a good postdoc position afterward. However, I am worried that my CV would not be enough to apply for the big European fellowships (MSC) either the European Postdoctoral Fellowships or the Global Postdoctoral Fellowships. I have published 11 scientific articles (5 research + 6 reviews) in Q1 journals (Biochemistry) and my h-index is 5. I don't know if this is a general feeling that we are not good enough or what. I was hoping that you can give me your thoughts on it?
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2021.10.25 06:28 einsturm Three keikis - one with a flower spike?

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2021.10.25 06:28 TotalSaintsPod Total Saints Podcast - Episode 173

Saints leave St Mary's with a draw against a tough battling Burnley, new stars are shining through and we've plenty more games on the horizon!
Welcome to TSP 173
In this week's podcast, the team review the recent draw against Burnley, give their predictions for the Carabao Cup match against Chelsea and our upcoming game against Watford. Plus, we hear more on where James Ward-Prowse might fit back into a newly organised Saints squad...
Listen here https://pod.fo/e/f2532
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2021.10.25 06:28 lochydjango HappyTrees Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.25 06:28 Kids-See-L4FL4M3 Our Papi’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes is a finely curated piece of art

Maybe it aint his top projex, but boi oh boi just skip thru each track from a to z and peep how smoothly shit transitions. outstanding flow. transitions is the key to curate meaning and hence art. even at his “not best” projex, our papi delivers an impressive product. lets appreciate dis yall fr
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2021.10.25 06:28 Qumalo Ohhh

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2021.10.25 06:28 FinniClix epic 2k pp

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2021.10.25 06:28 Tallybandz I'm not a hipster but I can make ur hips stir

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2021.10.25 06:28 LizHurleyBikini Elizabeth Olsen

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2021.10.25 06:28 KaiserNazrin Cute Politis Emote

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2021.10.25 06:28 Soft_Akiraa Evil richardhtt be like:

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2021.10.25 06:28 Basparagus Darkrai on me 9089 8888 1459

9089 8888 1459
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2021.10.25 06:28 ichwillerdnuss Es gehört mir die chain! 😡😡😡

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2021.10.25 06:28 hiroshimayaki Anybody ported out from AT&T in the last week? Do we use the new “Number Transfer PIN” instead of our account PIN?

It seems like AT&T implemented the new Number Transfer Pin for porting out numbers on 10/18 (last week). Link to info on AT&T’s site.
I am porting out from AT&T tomorrow. Was wondering if anybody here ported out from AT&T in the last week? If so, did you use this new number transfer pin? And did things go smoothly?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 06:28 Different_Stand4938 💎 DogeDOHE Launching today💎 | Next X1000 Gem- | Only Goes Up - | High Xrp Rewards- | Insane Marketing 👀 | Cg/cmc Top Gainer - | Dextools Trending - |Already Audited - | Experienced Team 💡

$DogeDOHE is the first BSC Reward&Rebase token to combine a high rate of rewards in $DogeDOHE with an advanced rebase system.
Grow your $DogeDOHE wallet or invest in this future-proof project for the first time by acquiring $DogeDOHE !
The InfinitX contract has been developed to allow the token to grow as a top CMC gainer over the long term. The supply of $DogeDOHE allows the best possible growth rate and a higher percentage than all other tokens. 📈 Thus, considering the traffic of sites such as Coinmaketcap (visited by 3M users per day on average), InfinitX holders will always benefit from an in-house marketing linked to the project fundamentals.
An agressive marketing campaing is planned, that will take place from the start & along the way like AMA(s) with huge investors in there, Big marketing packages (Youtubers, Financial Press articles) Influencers Push, Billboard, Ads campaign (Poocoin, Bogged Finance) Referral marketing program, Affiliate marketing and more to come..! 🎉
A videogame Play-to-earn will see the light of day. 🕹
Later, our NFTs will be released, and you will have the opportunity to use them in our game. 💎
Total : 7% to buy, 7% to sell!
Experimented team of professionnals (development, marketing, e.g) 📡
🌎 Contract Address: 0x7e044452b07f205dcf54ce6ddabb7f9f8a3f3d17
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🌎 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xcdb3af9badb1cdf242ae83fdc2325b34466a20af
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2021.10.25 06:28 coochnuggets weird times

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2021.10.25 06:28 Sharchir LPT: Entertaining board kids

When children start complaining that they are bored, especially in the vacation season, have them clean out their old toys for donation or getting rid of. It won’t take long before you hear them playing with these old toys and they will be occupied for quite some time, and it will teach them to occasionally purge their belongings.
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2021.10.25 06:28 Forward_Ad8837 🦖 MuskZilla 🦖 | Launched today ! | 🔒 LP Lock Extended -Renounced Ownership - Potential 1000x Moonshot! 💎

🦖Welcome to MuskZilla🦖🦖
Stealth launched!
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$MuskZilla is the coin that does it different. Treating this coin like a business, everything is planned days and weeks in advance. We can promise marketing stunts you have never seen before.
❗️ Marketing Has Already Started
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🥞 Buy Now :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xDe521521EF605959925194b5Aff4C58B530FB896
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xDe521521EF605959925194b5Aff4C58B530FB896#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 ✅ https://deeplock.io/lock/0xc994540e8fa0c3547a393e9d7b95da1b2802dbfa
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2021.10.25 06:28 ZeroFeetAway When everyone has a particular view of something, and you want to change the way it's seen with one graphic

When everyone has a particular view of something, and you want to change the way it's seen with one graphic There is a traveling Holocaust exhibit in Kansas City at the beautiful old train station. The exhibit is called Auschwitz and everybody is treating it as this almost sacred event. I wanted to present a completely new and different view of it. Did I succeed?

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